Sunday, April 28, 2013

Training oh Training

Be participant in regional training is very difference from local training. even it is full of lecturer for 5 days. U know why? because we sit behind our country flag. When people talk about you country and suddenly u don't know.. then u start to answer very safe answer. hehehehehe

with another Malaysian.. Sarala
 Sit between this 2 lady for 5 days.. the other one is Sanduni researcher from Sri Lanka
 Sit at back of this 3 guy.. Mr Joun (Korea) Susanto and Rasyid ( Indonesia)
Introduced myself.. Miss MOHAMAD, Siti Fatahiyah. everytime I need to tell them 'Mohamad" is my father name.. not my family name..

5 days Lunch.. at Crown Plaza Hotel restaurant...Buffet..

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