Wednesday, February 4, 2009


uuhhhh.. rase nye semua orang penah menipu, and penah ditipu... maybe mengaku telah menipu memang la satu bende yang susah dilakukan. citer pasal menipu nie, aku sgt2 teringatkn my senoir yang agak baik dengan aku n fadhilah.

Mase cuti CNY baru-baru nie, Ayah aku bagi tau,
'taya, arie 2 ader kuar berita, kes pencuri kereta sewa mewah, ayah agak kawan ko la' ayah said
'ha? sape? GG kot"fatahiyah said
'iyer la kot, kuala terenganu eh' fadilah said
ayah just smile n go...

aku pn bersungguh2 la, pe online and search ape2 yang berkaitan. Before 2, aku try la col no. hp dia. luckyly, mmg dapat, n ader untie jawab..
'nak cari ape' untie said
'GG ader' Fatahiya said
'mintak maaf eh, GG skrg ader' said untie
and untie 2 pn ebd the call

mula-mula aku search full name dia, x jumpe ape2
try, no plate kereta dia, pn x dapat..
akhir nye aku searh dengan nama company dia, "carador atm"

Thieves used car rental firm as front
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KUALA TERENGGANU: The ploy was simple. Rent cars from the owners, flee after paying the first instalment and then sell off the vehicles.

Twenty-three cars worth RM1.44 million were disposed of in the scam.

The long arm of the law finally caught up with the two men and they were arrested on Dec 30 and 31.

The first suspect, a 25-year-old man, was detained at his house in Batu Pahat, Johor.

His 26-year-old accomplice was apprehended at his house in Pasir Mas, Kelantan the next morning.
Police also seized 300 folders containing car-related documents.

State deputy police chief Senior Assistant Commissioner II Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman said the suspects set up a company, identified as Carador ATM Transport Services, in Batu 6, Kuala Terengganu last May and they offered victims a monthly payment of between RM1,200 and RM2,000 for their vehicles.

And once they got hold of the vehicles, they would sell them to unsuspecting buyers for up to RM6,000 each.

"They tell the potential buyers that the owners are facing financial difficulties and are looking for someone to continue paying the loan," he said here, yesterday.

He added that the car owners, most of whom were teachers, only lodged police reports last month when they did not receive the monthly payments promised to them.

He urged those who had purchased cars from the company to lodge a police report immediately.

Both suspects are being remanded at the Kuala Terengganu police station until Sunday.

sangat2 terkejut, n aku sangat2 nk tau aper terjadi pada GG skrg. aku mntk tlg kwn fadilah
ASP shahrul(police)- no feed back
Mif ( legal ass)- no feed back
Jai ( GG x-worker)- 'GG pn rembat kete dia, x bayar gaji, 2 weeks berofe kne tanggap, GG dah hilang and rumah yang diorg stay kt terenganu dah kene serang dengan pemajak'
aku call IPD kuala terengganu ( bhgn siasatan jenayah) - dia cakap kene check dulu, nnt dia coll aku,ermmm.... smpi skrg x col...

if, anyone know about dis case, let me know.
if kene jail pe la melawat,
if kene dakwa, pe la dgr perbicaraan.


rainingheaven said... tk dapat nak follow ape2 ke sayang

juliyana85 said...

taya, aku knal ke gg ni? gg maahad ke?

Siti Fatahiyah Hj. Mohamad said...

to Juliyana
a'ah, ko knl..
GG maahad la..
if ko tau, u let me know..